About Us

Metro Consulting & Management

Metro Consulting & Management is a licensed and insured Real Estate Brokerage and Condominium Association Management company in the state of Florida. We bring decades of experience in vendor and provider relations, legal advisors, tenant-landlord relations, marketing and rentals, and accounting reporting.

Metro Consulting & Management offers a full range of financial, legal, property and tax advisors on board to assist with any and every property management situation.

At Metro Consulting & Management, we believe our success is because we understand that providing the right guidance in Real Estate Asset Management requires years of experience, due diligence, creative thinking, and the ability to breeze through legal predict the future within reason.

Specializing in medium to large scale condominium and rental properties, we use a “boutique” approach to meet every client’s specific preferences and needs; however, because we believe a business relationship should be highly tailored to each individual or entity’s need, we prefer to operate on a close, personal level.