Real Estate Asset Management

Metro Consulting & Management serves as agent of several companies acting on behalf of its owners not only in the day to day operations, but also ensuring compliance with local, state and federal regulations and ordinances, as well as meeting short and long term goals. Our services include:

Meet with the owners to:

  • Define company objectives
  • Review/Approve operating budgets
  • Analyze property performance

Act as Owner Agent with authority to:

  • Review and sign lease agreements
  • Enter into service contracts with vendors
  • Sign company checks
  • Execute insurance applications

Retain and provide copies as requested of company files including:

  • Corporate documents
  • Title documents
  • Financial reports
  • Tax returns and other IRS files
  • Banking files
  • Acquisition documents & reports
  • Closing documents
  • Appraisals
  • Environmental reports
  • Other due diligence documents
  • Tenants files
  • Lawsuits
  • All other company transactions

Maintain company and properties licenses & registrations including:

  • State registration
  • DBPR
  • City certificate of use
  • City tax receipt
  • County local business tax

Financial Accounting:

  • Book keeping
  • Consolidate company financials
  • Coordinate with CPA accurate tax return preparation
  • Provide online access in real-time to all company and financial reports

Coordinate property major renovations:

  • Analyze and make recommendations
  • Obtain quotes
  • Supervise the renovation process.


  • Identify company and property insurable risks
  • Obtain quotes
  • Process applications
  • Secure and monitor insurance coverage
  • Oversee insurance claims


  • Make all deposits
  • Process all payments and distributions including:
    • Mortgage payments
    • Property tax payments
    • Owners distributions
    • Intercompany loans
    • Other payments requested by owners
    • Provide bank account monthly reconciliation

Coordinate property tax appeal when necessary